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Transition Year Programs 

Transition year is a time for teenagers to explore the world outside of academics. It's a time for them to start developing likes and dislikes, a sense of self and it is often in this time they begin to shape their own identity. 

Its my belief that this is the perfect time to introduce the concepts of personal development and self management  which will help to support them through the coming years. An opportunity for students to begin to understand the resource of self and empower them with life skills to guide them through the unpredictable.

Having worked as an Adolescent Occupational Therapist followed by a Masters in Coaching, I have designed a program which will equip students with an understand of what I believe, will inspire them to bring the best out of themselves:

-Understanding Values

-Communication Skills

-Self-Directed learning and Progression. 

-Social Skills


-Self-Confidence and belief

-Decision Making

I offer two programs which are available to schools and sports clubs. 

4 Week Program: Delivered over four weeks, this program will introduce students to personal development concepts and encourage them to integrate them into daily living. Delivered in 1.5 hour blocks, one day per week. 

8 Week Program: This Program is designed to give students and teachers a deeper understanding of personal development and self management skills. This program promotes the exploration of concepts within the classroom environment and encourages students to design and implement their own goals. Delivered in 1.5 hour back, one day per week. 

Half Day Work Shop: This workshop is designed for schools or sports teams and can be adapted to meet needs. 



Poppy Blandford (B.Sc. OT, M.Sc.PMC) specialises in the development of young people. Working both in sports clubs and schools, Poppy has developed programs which empower teenagers to bring the best out of themselves and their abilities, giving them skills which help them on a personal and social level. 


Originally an adolescent Mental Health Occupational Therapist, Poppy is passionate about giving teenagers the personal skills they need for in and outside the classroom. Now Working as a full time time Coach, Poppy focuses on maximising the abilities of young people in whatever aspects of their lives they are struggling. 


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